Case Study:
Communication Strategy/Execution

Taking back their rightful place as a trusted advisor


Re-establish credibility as an acknowledged thought leader

For much of its 82 year history Sapers & Wallack was a recognized authority in Boston’s financial services. But in recent times the company had begun to lose its edge within an ever more competitive marketplace. Our advice was to help them regain their trusted leader position by creating more consistent communications with their existing customers and prospects and to refresh their look and feel.


Tighter targeting and complete control

We worked closely with Sapers & Wallack’s leadership to take a more holistic view of their marketing communications. Vital to this approach was deciding on the most impactful topics (such as regulatory updates, industry news and how-to articles), defining target audiences and modernize their communication options as the basis for future client and prospect communications.

As part of our deliverables we redesigned their website, created an electronic Editorial Calendar providing a more strategic approach to published communications, and added analysis of the success of the communication efforts.

S&W Screenshot copy

This, together with the creation of an improved email template enables each of the company’s divisions to create their own marketing plans while following a firmly established corporate strategy.

Sapers & Wallack Newsletter copy

Full management and tracking of the performance of all communications enables Sapers & Wallack now to adjust their communication plan and messaging accordingly.