Case Study:
Global marketing as easy as local marketing

Bringing order and process to a complex world


Enable IDBS marketing to catch up with corporate growth

With its rapidly growing international business, IDBS is a global marketeer. However, the speed of this expansion and the pace of change, along with the growth, posed a challenge to the IDBS marketing team. We helped IDBS pinpoint a number of issues that needed to be resolved quickly:

  • streamline workflows and decision-making
  • adopt a comprehensive project management tool
  • implement a standard marketing training process
  • establish clear lines of authority
  • ensure that every project can be executed by any marketing team member


Getting everyone working together

We recommended recording all project steps in a new project management tool, utilizing project templates as the basis of all work. These steps included event or campaign timelines, implementation of careful tracking of critical path items, responsibilities and links to project documents such as briefings, customer spreadsheets, database entry instructions and social media policies.

Our team also conducted a detailed assessment of each project with the relevant manager. This included everything from campaigns, to events, communication plans, customer reference programs, mailings and even budgets.

Our experts developed, scheduled and conducted training webinars, both online and on ground, for IDBS’ global marketing team. As the final step in the project, we monitored and managed how the team utilized the new process, making adjustments as required, plus reporting any problems or questions back to senior IDBS management.

“It is amazing to see the improvements in our communication and workflows with the thought-through processes JustJump Marketing helped us set up. We are now able to work through projects faster, avoid misunderstandings and have all needed information in one place. Using the project management tool, I have now full visibility into a project progress and can manage my team much more efficiently.”

Sean O’Connell, Director of global marketing, IDBS


Universal access, greater insight, better understanding

The primary objectives of the project were achieved in just two months.

Key benefit of the project was the easy and fast access to all important documents by any member of the global marketing team through IDBS’ newly adopted project management tool in combination with SharePoint.

IDBS now enjoys faster and more precise global team communication, while its senior leadership has full visibility of any project’s progress. This in turn has led to more streamlined workflows and faster, better decision-making.

Even the usually high amount of email traffic normally associated with any project has been significantly reduced, as all ongoing discussions are now recorded in the project management tool.


Making information available to all

Perhaps the single largest advantage of this new process is that vital commercial information has now been unlocked from the heads of individual marketing managers and made public to everyone who needs it. In time this access will be extended to all parts of IDBS.

Misunderstandings are now becoming a thing of the past. Every member of the IDBS marketing department, wherever they are in the world, can work more confidently knowing that they can easily find all the information they need to make every project a success.