We’re proud to be featured in a recent The Guardian article about the Power of Relationship Selling with Judy Robinett: How to manage your contacts in just 30 minutes a day.

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Judy’s approach to selling fundamentally changed the way we develop our business relationships. We focus on a core network of 150 meaningful relationships and stay in constant contact with them. We know what is going on in their business and their life and can make meaningful introductions for them, refer a new client or invite our network to an awesome event. Our shift to relationship selling resulted in much more happiness when it comes to selling and paid off: 90% of our business now comes from referrals, compared to 70% before we implemented this systematic approach 18 months ago.

We believe that relationship selling is the new selling and offer workshops and trainings to introduce your team to relationship selling and what it means to deliver 1% more then your competitors. Let us know if you’re interested – we’re happy to chat with you about this brand new training program. Contact us at miriam@justjumpmarketing.com or call 781.366.5549.