At The Water Cooler

What would you do with some extra profit this year? Hire a new employee? Purchase those new laptops? Move to a bigger office?

As a services company, we always struggle with accurate pricing that is fair to our clients, covers our expenses, and allows us to make a profit. So, we decided to talk with an expert and are now sharing what we learned with YOU! Please join us for our Pricing for Profit workshop on June 10 at WeWork South Station. Spots are limited to a total of 20, so secure yours today! (This workshop is not for products-based companies.)

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‘Pricing for Profits’ is the second workshop in a series of educational seminars we’re offering to help entrepreneurs to #makeithappen.

Accuracy in pricing is critical to business growth. However, the perceived and tangible value of service companies and consultants makes it difficult to know if your pricing is accurate. Does your pricing strategy connect your business goals with your client’s values? How do you know if your rates are competitive with the marketplace? Learn how to create synergy between your business’s profit drivers and your customer’s perceived value.

 In this workshop you will:

-compare pricing methodologies

-learn the many influences to be considered in creating a pricing strategy

-discover strategies to finding competitor’s prices

-discuss perceived and tangible costs of service businesses

We would love to see you next Wednesday! Click here to register.

If you’re interested to be included on the invitee list for future event, shoot us an email to and we will keep you posted!

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