• Your Asset is Your Story
    The power of storytelling for your personal brand

    Envision the following scenario: you attend a networking event and meet your perfect client. All you have to do is open the door. You deliver your 1-minute pitch, exchange business cards and Ms./Mr. Perfect walks away and never calls. What happened? Your story isn’t working.

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  • Effective Relationship Selling in a Digital World
    The 6-touchpoints system

    Relationship Selling is currently one of the most widely discussed sales approaches. This talk will explore the benefits of the method, systems and processes that need to be in place and ninja tricks to make you stand out from the crowd.

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  • Get a Driver’s License Before You Buy Your New Car
    The importance of branding in today’s noisy world

    Branding has a lot in common with the way we operate a vehicle. In this talk, we will explore what happens if you and your team do not breathe your brand 100%. And we will offer many ways to fix this.

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  • Make Your Marketing Matter
    Transform your marketing into a comparable, measurable and scalable contribution to your business’s success

    Many business owners execute marketing ‘things’ without a clear strategy or a marketing plan. They have no idea if their efforts actually contribute to the growth of their company. Step away from throwing spaghetti on your wall and approach your marketing strategically to make it count.

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What You Should Know

If you really don’t know us yet, it’s tricky, we admit it. Many questions pop up in your decision process to book a speaker: Are we professional enough? (Yep.) Will we be there on time and well-prepared? (Always.) Is the presentation adjusted to your requirements and your audience? (Of course, everything else is just blah, blah.) Are we entertaining? (Oh yes.) Will we stick around after the talk? (Always! We love mingling before and after the talk and meeting our audience. It makes the talk better and the message on point.) Anything diva we need to know? (Not at all. Our requirements are rather simple. A bottle of water, a mic, a clicker, and off we go. No light show. No smoke effects. No elephants. But chocolate would be great.)

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