Your Asset is Your Story - The Power of Storytelling for Your Personal Brand

Storytelling is one of the most important, but also the most underrated, skills in today’s sales and marketing. Stories open the door and create an immediate connection. They show uniqueness, make somebody laugh or spark empathy. Stories are the movers and shakers of your sales process. If content is king and distribution is queen, then story is the heart and soul of the kingdom – and in today’s over-networked, content-crowded, attention-deficit world, you need to own your story if you want to break through.

Learn how to craft your story and identify the elements your story needs to open a door in this interactive workshop. Jump into action and apply the power of your story in your daily sales and marketing situations and create your personal brand.

This talk can be presented in 3 different formats:

  • 60-minute presentation with 15 minutes of Q&A
    The talk will explain why a good story matters and where to use a good pitch. We will dive deep into the crucial elements of a good story and learn about the secret ingredient every story needs to be memorable. The presentation concludes with concrete advice on how to start developing a story toolkit.
  • 45-minute presentation with 30-minute interactive workshop
    The presentation will give a brief overview of all crucial story elements and how to develop them to create a powerful personal brand. The interactive workshop will be conducted in small groups to give participants the opportunity to work in a group setting on their story with presenter’s oversight.
  • 45-minute presentation with 30-minute example pitch review
    This format combines a 45-minute talk with an interactive element to engage attendees in a conversation. 3-4 attendees volunteer to present their current pitch to the audience. Each pitch will be carefully reviewed with the audience to make meaningful suggestions for improvement. The approach follows the learning-by-doing methodology and provides the audience with many different examples for their own pitch.

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