DatVentures: Branding for Start-Ups

Date: June 30, 2015

Location: Boston, MA

Get a driver’s license before you purchase your new car – the importance of branding for start-up success

Most of us get a driver’s license before we purchase our first car. Why? Because we need to know how to operate a car, what rules we have to follow and what behavior can cause damage.

The same should be true for our approach to marketing. However, many companies start their business without a license – or a map. Sounds familiar? Feeling guilty?


One of the first steps in a new venture is the definition of the brand – company logo, color, visual elements for the website etc. We have all seen great graphic design, beautiful logos and creative websites with many flashy and interactive features.

But we have also seen many of these companies fail. Why?

Because their branding stops at the gate. It stops with the completion of the visual elements and leaves important parts outside of the equation:

  • Identification of the companies core competency and how to message it
  • Engagement and trust building with the right target audience
  • Customer communication

In this interactive workshop, we taught the DatVentures start-up cohort about the importance of brand essence – the things you want and should be known for. We discussed the small details, that can make all the difference in the perception of your brand. And we shared strategies how to communicate this to your customers with an authentic voice.