MENG Webinar: Marketing to Millennials

Date: August 20, 2015

Location: Online, log-in credentials required

MENG, the Marketing Executives Networking Group, invited us to share our thoughts about Marketing to Millennials as part of their Best Practices seminar series.

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And there is a lot to talk about!

They can be picky, opinionated and vocal – and they are your ideal customers. To misunderstand or ignore Millennials is to lose 80 million Americans approaching their peak earning and spending years. This webinar will take a look into the enormous potential Millennials bear for your business; explore these complex consumers, their attitudes, their behaviors and how they can best be engaged to profit your business. Walk away from this presentation with concrete action items you can include in your marketing plan now to ensure that you are not missing out tomorrow.

During this MENGinar we covered:

  • Why Millennials are your future best friends
  • How Millennials make buying decision today
  • What digital marketing strategies work to gain their trust and successfully engage with them
  • How to implement these strategies immediately into your existing marketing plan