Miriam Christof, Partner

miriamMiriam is responsible for everything creative at JustJump Marketing. With a background of more than 15 years in international marketing, she has lived through all the changes this industry has faced. And she is still searching for the next idea to make her client’s message heard.

Some of her colleagues describe her as a geek, which is partly true – her love of new gadgets, apps and innovative design is undeniable! (She writes frequently about her newest findings on our blog.)

Miriam is a well-respected, sought-after speaker on marketing strategy, social media and marketing metrics and helps make this world a little bit brighter and better with her professional and community service.

Miriam serves on the board of Containers 2 Clinics, has served on the board of the Women’s Business Network of the Wellesley Chamber of Commerce and is a member of Ellevate (formerly 85 Broads), SBANE and The Boston Club.