Susanne Britt

Marketing ExecutiveSusanne-2

When, at age ten, Susanne took second place in a handwriting competition, she told herself she’d never again settle for second best. From then on, whether pursuing her studies in desktop publishing and graphic design at Surrey’s Richmond Community College, or directing winning campaigns as a marketing executive at several leading firms, she set the bar ever higher

Susanne is the original worker bee, buzzing in the background of critical tasks. Working remotely from the UK, she is up dotting I’s and crossing T’s (in that enviable penmanship) long after her colleagues across the pond have tucked in. Her peers wake to a flawlessly finished product, as though a midnight fairy godmother has stepped in to add the final touch.

When she’s not managing a big event or proofreading every last line of an ad campaign, Susanne takes pleasure in spending time with her family members — husband, children, grandchildren, and tabbies. Always up for a new challenge, Susanne also just started tap dancing lessons. And with her determined approach to mastering a task, we know she’ll be performing perfect riffs and paradiddles in no time.