Charlie Sheen’s new favorite tool, Anthony Weiner might like it too….


Finally, TwitWipe gives Twitter user the chance to delete all of their posts, but keep followers, following and other settings. Since Twitter doesn’t offer this functionality, TwitWipe fills a gap, which is much needed for some celebrities, but as well for twitter user, who want to delete any trace.

Thinking about traces on Social Media Networks leads me to the question, how you define your personal brand online, how personal you should get and how much information you should share. To find the right mix between personal messages, industry news and valuable information is for many business owners the most difficult part of their Social Media marketing. The pure sales pitch doesn’t work anymore and will ultimately damage your brand more than market it. Storytelling is the most underrated skill in today’s business world! Only with a really personal approach to your customers and online audience you’ll be able to build an engaged community. And in my experience, entrepreneurs have so many great stories to tell! Make this your 2012 theme and become a storyteller of your services and company. You’ll be amazed how many people like to listen to you!


  1. Aubree /

    What a great blog

  2. Linda /

    I’m SO glad you didn’t write about Charlie Sheen. #TrainWrecks are hard to watch wutioht leavening them with a little humor. ;-) On the (more serious) upside, there’s Robert Downey, Jr, who at the Oscars pre-show looked healthy (think “hot”) and happy (think “centered”) and sober (think “no drug induced psychosis”). See, Charlie…there’s hope. o_O

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