Branding & Messaging

Why do we all know Nemo? Branding. Powerful brands attract profitable customers.

What is branding?

Branding is the creation of a logo, color scheme, and look and feel that reflects what makes your company tick. Everything outward facing is touched by the brand and the feeling it provides to your prospects. An effective brand aligns with your values and competitive advantages and shows the market what you’ve got.

Our brand discovery starts with a simple question: ‘Why?’ Why do you believe your customers need your products or services? Why are you the right partner for them? Why should they support your organization?

Clear answers to these questions are the starting point to creating a powerful brand. We help you stand out from your competition by delving into what makes your company different—your culture, your offerings, your service—and how that solves your prospects’ problems. We take these strategic advantages and distill them into your brand.

Using your new brand as a jumping off point, we’ll create messages that resonate in the market—messages that convince your prospects that you have the solutions they’re looking for.

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