Harness the POWER of Numbers

Accelerate your business. Turn your marketing funnel into a never-ending cycle.

Numbers generate great power, so why as marketers do we neglect this power? With the breadth of the Internet and explosion of social media, our customers have become our largest force multiplier.

For years now, we’ve concentrated on using the marketing funnel model to grab people and walk them through our ideal buying process. But what about the bottom of the funnel? What’s happening there?

In many companies, nothing.

This is a huge missed opportunity. According to Score.org, 34% of customers make between two and ten referrals. It’s your job to grab on to those newly created customers, put effort into making sure they love you, and create cross-selling, upselling, and referral possibilities, enhancing your revenue stream at a much less cost than through new customer acquisition.

Now’s the time to re-frame your marketing process as a never-ending cycle that generates more and more power with each new customer. Get your prospect’s attention, educate them on your offering, and then post-sale, keep them excited—so excited that they can’t wait to take advantage of your other offerings and share their experience with their colleagues. Wouldn’t it be great if your customers were pulling in your prospects for you?

You can do this.

Create a never-ending marketing cycle and harnesses the power of numbers to your advantage.

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