Modernizing an established family business into a relevant thought leader


To update brand presence and re-establish credibility as an acknowledged thought leader

Established in 1932 and successfully steered through three generations of founding family members, Sapers & Wallack (S&W) is a long recognized authority in Boston’s financial services industry. Now stewarded by the third generation, CEO Aviva Sapers recognized that the company needed to update and evolve to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded insurance and financial services industry.

JustJump Marketing (JJM) was hired to re-design/modernize their brand presence in an effort to help them regain a trusted leadership position. Aviva Sapers highlighted the need for more consistent communications with their existing client base, coupled with a push toward new prospects and opportunity.

  • Develop a clear understanding of the company’s offerings, identity, and potential target audience via analysis of core competence, value propositions, competition space, buyer personas, and client experience journeys
  • Create a robust marketing plan including new brand identity, website redesign, and translation of offerings for broad industry understanding
  • Build new website with modern appeal and customer centric mobility
  • Implement marketing plan with consistent outreach schedule and fresh content creation
  • Make concerted public relations push to rebuild thought leadership presence


Tighter targeting, consistent content, and complete control

JJM worked closely with Sapers & Wallack’s leadership to better understand the disparate departments within the company and then establish a more holistic view of their marketing presence. Strategic analysis of past and current client relationships, scope of client engagement and cross-sell opportunities, and fundamental capabilities of the company helped to identify buyer personas that make up their primary target audience.

As part of our deliverables, JJM redesigned their website, created an electronic editorial calendar for a more strategic approach to published communications, and added analytic tools to measure success rates. A modern corporate email account and list management software was used to streamline and track client and prospect outreach.

An intensive, ongoing push for audience engagement and content sharing was initiated, with monthly emails, blogs, newsletters, and event hosting. In addition, a renewed push for speaking engagements, award recognition, and published articles was made across departments.

Results & Benefits

As direct result of the new brand presence and consistent outreach since, a significant uptick in regional brand recognition and site traffic has been recorded. Numerous speaking engagements, advertising opportunities, and written articles have been exploited by S&W employees, and Sapers & Wallack has been recognized with multiple awards for excellence in the family business and women-led business spaces.

Perhaps most impactful, the brand and marketing efforts have helped the traditionally siloed departments within Sapers & Wallack to come together with a greater sense of corporate unity. As a whole, the JJM engagement has successfully provided S&W with a more robust brand foundation from which to scale their business for growth potential and consistent relevance.