Scalable Marketing For a Rapidly Growing Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company


  1. Create a consistent and easily scalable brand across all lines of the company
  2. Build a marketing strategy aligned with business goals
  3. Create a process driven, consistent and predictable marketing machine to give effective support to the leadership team
  4. Execute and manage the marketing plan

Our client has made risk prevention the core of its business and has become one of the top providers of workers’ compensation insurance in Massachusetts, focused on setting the standard in service excellence. It delivers on a broker-centric service model and values its reputation for providing a personal touch. The company is expanding its business operations throughout New England.

Already well-established in Massachusetts, our client realized it needed to update its brand and website in order to appeal to the wider New England region. The existing website had valuable content but was dense and challenging to navigate, especially for brokers who are constantly on the road and need quick access to information. Additionally, as the company expanded its market, it needed to boost awareness in the new regions and create a scalable execution strategy.


Creating a solid foundation for scalable execution

JustJump Marketing interviewed the senior executive team and conducted a competitive analysis resulting in a new logo and branding that was reflective of the client’s current, high-touch service, and industry-leading status. We redesigned the website to be more user-friendly and organized the content into a digestible format for easier access by the brokers, while retaining the thought leadership content.

We also developed a marketing strategy that emphasized our client’s strengths and core values. Based on the new strategy we created a comprehensive marketing plan that would scale to meet their expanding market. Some of the new initiatives included ongoing and consistent organic and paid social media targeted to their specific audience, PR plans to increase awareness in the new markets, and informational podcasts by experts to reach always on-the-go brokers with tips, updates and trends in the insurance industry.


The website redesign and consistency of marketing efforts resulted in increased website traffic and positive feedback from brokers. Our client experienced improved social media engagement with new followers on LinkedIn and expanded reach, providing a new lead source. JJM and the client conduct quarterly marketing meetings to review business goals, upcoming projects and marketing plan efforts to ensure all are working in tandem. JJM has become a valued resource to the client both as a strategic marketing partner and as added executional support to drive marketing plans/efforts across all platforms.