Exponential growth through strategic alignment


Create a measurable and scalable marketing strategy

Globalization Partners (GP) is the Professional Employment Organization (PEO) of choice for many fast-growing, globally expanding companies. Powered by a technology platform, corporations can add new employees quickly to the team in any country of the world.
But not just Globalization Partners, clients were growing quickly too. GP’s CEO Nicole Sahin had a clear vision for her company: be THE PEO of choice for most Fortune 500 and fast growing start-ups by 2020. Instrumental to achieve this goal was the development of a detailed marketing strategy to ensure that all resources were deployed in the best possible way. To get there, multiple challenges needed to be addressed:
• Develop a clear understanding of the company’s target audience
• Align sales and marketing activities utilizing the company’s existing technology stack
• Create marketing processes that accelerate content production and sign-off processes


Developing a clear marketing strategy

A key aspect of the project was the creation of a powerful sales and marketing strategy. The definition of the company’s buyers and their concrete challenges led to the development of messaging that truly resonated with the audience.
After the strategy part of the project, it was time to build a marketing machine: Salesforce and Constant Contact are the backbones of the sales operation and were set-up with all necessary workflows and audience segmentation. The development of clear processes for the execution of marketing campaigns ensured the scalability of the company’s marketing activities. Every step in a campaign was defined, and the definition of clear campaign KPI’s ensured the success of the team.


Control and insights

Perhaps the single largest advantage of this new process is that vital commercial information has been unlocked from the heads of individual marketing managers and made public to everyone who needs it.
The company’s target audience is now well-defined, the sales and marketing team can utilize the developed messaging in all outreach activities and defined processes allow Globalization Partners to grow rapidly.