Giving the best in the business a website worthy of their reputation


To modernize the website of a twenty-five-year business leader in quality manufacturing to anchor growth plan and brand recognition

Since its founding in 1985, Dynawave has become synonymous with some of the world’s best standard and specialty RF and microwave coaxial cables, connectors, adaptors, and cable assemblies. The key to their success has come from the complete control of every aspect of the process from design, manufacture, and shipment – all under one roof – making them a go-to supplier for applications in the defense industry and across commercial microwave, RF and wireless markets.

But the existing Dynawave website had become outdated, slow, and potentially unattractive to younger market buyers looking for a more dynamic online interface. Dynawave CEO, Robert McLaughlin, and VP/General Manager, Stan Hardin, contacted JustJump Marketing (JJM) to help address their concerns.

  • Build a website that allows visitors to find information and items through embedded parametric product search that caters to both junior and senior engineers
  • Create a resource center for detailed information about specific products and applications, designed as an ‘engineering playground’
  • Build state of the art security architecture to protect company data, CAD files, and server access
  • Redesign using SEO optimization with strong calls to action, sign-up and registration forms, and other engagement techniques to increase pipeline and build brand recognition


JJM’s web team worked closely with Dynawave to determine how to best categorize and present the wealth of product information to be included. JJM conducted a deep dive into the buyer personas and experience journeys of Dynawave’s most active customer base to determine how best to deliver comfort and easy click through for the likely audience. JJM writers utilized a Search Engine Optimization audit and rewrote the site copy with both search parameters and a front heavy accessibility to junior engineers in mind.

Graphic designers worked with Dynawave to highlight specific industries of use, and convey a more dynamic and interactive friendly experience for visitors. Use of clickable icons for regular traffic requests and clear calls to action throughout are used to lend a look and feel of simple navigation despite the complexity contained within. For senior engineers looking for detailed specifications, the search and resource architecture is streamlined for ease of use and flexibility without compromising data access.
On the backend, security protocols and server hosting are updated for modern traffic requirements with a particular focus on protecting data sheets and CAD files.

Results & Benefits

After the new site went live, Dynawave experienced an uptick in organic, SEO directed, traffic to the site. Repeat customers noted the difference and reported that they were far more likely to order a custom solution for future project needs after having experienced the new search and design elements of the site.
Dynawave is now able to effectively use the site as a foundation for outreach campaigns focused primarily on junior engineers in various private industry spaces.

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