Local communities mean the world

Putting real people at the center of its thinking


To grow business through closer customer ties

IDBS was keen to connect with its international customer base on a one-to-one basis and charged JustJump Marketing with the development of the event concept and its execution.

We identified three strategic goals to help drive the project: Create closer commercial relationships, improve client retention and position IDBS as the thought leader in the industry. An additional company goal was to increase its sales pipeline within clearly defined local areas and industries.

IDBS Community Forums


Connecting people to people and measure the results

To deliver IDBS’ ambitious goals, we collaborated closely with the company’s sales and leadership team to:

  • identify hot spot locations within the US for the events
  • define the right audience
  • develop key messaging to reach the pre-defined audience
  • plan an interesting and relevant event agenda
  • invite ‘must-hear’ speakers for each new Community Forum in the US

Throughout the project’s recruiting phase, we closely monitored attendee acquisition for the event through weekly calls with the event team. We also handled all event communications and logistics and delivered the on-site event management.

Key to success was a regular reporting process with the IDBS leadership team to monitor the outcomes of each event and precisely quantify the commercial results. Through in-depth post event discussions, we were able to use a ‘lessons learned’ log to fine-tune future forums for maximum commercial benefit.

“The Community Forums quickly became a cornerstone in our client relationship marketing. JustJump Marketing developed the initial concept and handled the events from A-Z with perfection. The feedback from our US Sales team is enthusiastic.”

Sean O’Connell, Global Director of Marketing, IDBS


Faster organization, increased attendance, higher sales

By creating a detailed and measurable event process, our team shortened the delivery time for each forum to 12 weeks.

The structured approach focused on goal setting and measuring each project milestone, which resulted in attendee numbers increasing over the course of one year, and client satisfaction.

The lead-generation aspects of the Community Forums continue to fill the IDBS sales pipeline and have resulted in several six figure sales opportunities.

“JustJump Marketing truly delivered on the objectives we had set for the Community Forums. They were able to bring all stakeholders within IDBS together to deliver successful events. The structured approach made it very easy for everybody to contribute to each event and for me as a manager to be on top of everything going on without having to be involved in every detail.”

Bill Russo, Director of Sales, US, IDBS


Attracting people eager to hear what you have to say

Beyond the many advantages of a healthier bottom line, creating an active and enthusiastic customer community has led to far more in-depth relationships between IDBS and its customers.