The Not-So-Secret Ingredient for Successful Content Marketing

What is the difference between a company that is successful in content marketing and the ones who fails?

 The answer has 3 words: Strategy and process.

That’s easy peasy, right? Well, but we’re still not doing it. Not all of us. Research (By the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs) shows that 86% of companies in North America do content marketing. But only 34% of them feel effective and successful about it. What do these 34% do different?

They have a content marketing strategy and a streamlined process behind their efforts. They start with the why. (And if you have not yet listened to Simon Sineks “Start with Why” talk, you have missed one of the best TED talks of all times. Catch up here.)

The best way to describe what you’re into without a content marketing strategy is an easy analogy: you just got your driver’s license and you jump into your car without any idea where you want to go and how you get there. And you only have one tank of gas before you will be stranded in nowhere land.

Are you up for this adventure? Of course not! Only the most adventurous of us do these kinds of things. Everybody else plans the trip, estimates the time it will take, ensures that there is a gas station and a place to eat.

But yet we do exactly the same thing in our marketing. We just jump into content creation, write, design and publish some pieces and hope that somehow somebody somewhere will pick it up, like it and give us a call to buy our services. Highly unlikely that this will ever happen.

Strategy and process are the only 2 ingredients it needs to have success in content marketing.

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