How A Pandemic Opens New Channels


Prior to the pandemic, A.I.M. Mutual found they needed additional ways to engage their Insurance Broker audience. Brokers aren’t the typical ‘9 to 5’ workers. They are often out meeting with policyholders and clients focusing on bringing new innovations, coverage ideas and options and money saving recommendations.  Because of the nature of their workstyle, traditional marketing tactics of email, social media, blogs are not always successful and phone calls and meetings only go as far as the sales team.

A.I.M. Mutual needed an additional way of connecting with Brokers that could go beyond sales phone calls and meetings. When the pandemic hit, connecting became even more important in order to continue building Broker relations as in-person meetings were happening less frequently or virtually.


A.I.M. Mutual partnered with JustJump Marketing to create, produce and stream podcasts providing an alternative channel to connect with Brokers. The podcasts were created to share important messages that Brokers could discuss with their clients (and they wouldn’t have to be tied to a computer to do so).

The team developed topics and themes as well as pre-written scripts so that recordings with A.I.M. Mutual team members can be conducted efficiently and smoothly.  Topics range from workplace safety to workers comp issues for 2020 and injury prevention tactics.  The podcasts quickly provide important industry information that Brokers need to be aware of – especially given the multitude of changing guidelines around safety and employee protection.


  • There are now 12 podcasts live on the website created and produced in just 6 months – JJM continues to interview, record and stream adding to this compilation.
  • A.I.M. Mutual has received positive personal feedback from Brokers as well as internal staff who find the podcasts greatly beneficial to share with their audiences as well.