Jenna Connolly, Director of Accounts

Keeping her clients in the game comes naturally for Jenna Connolly. Her impressive career has had her strategizing over Aflac campaigns, Goodyear’s strategy and Staples marketing.

As Director of Accounts, Jenna is in it to win it. From the time her day starts with a team huddle, through client meetings, strategy sessions and campaign kickoffs, she works to ensure every element of every campaign is on track, whether she’s planning a simple flyer or a complete digital strategy.

Among the reasons for her runaway success, Jenna counts her ability to keep the customer’s perspective front and center. Her colleagues credit her wins to determination, team spirit and sheer likeability. She’s the teammate who is always cheering for you.

And when Jenna’s not writing the playbook for her clients’ campaigns? Let’s just say she’s up before her two preschoolers to fit in a morning run, and her idea of downtime is finishing the Boston Marathon.

Jenna Connolly
Director of Accounts