Kirsten Furman, Co-Founder and CEO

Kirsten is strategy central at JustJump. That means that on top of handling operations and accounts, and recruiting, training and managing our incredible staff, she is our go-to for all things strategy. She gets clients to dig deep when it comes to making decisions about their business. And she helps them understand how to capture — and hold — the interest of their audience.

Kirsten likes to say she is “motivated by chaos” because she gets such a high out of putting her world in order. She happily spends hours trying to make spaces, products, services or processes more efficient — finding the fastest way to connect two points. These qualities, along with fact that she thrives when operating as a team, make Kirsten an invaluable resource for clients who want a partner who will help them see the forest and the trees, and help them find the best path through them.

Along with her MBA in Marketing from Northeastern University, Kirsten brings the range of knowledge that comes with a Master’s in American Studies from the University of Osnabrueck, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Boston University and experience teaching graduate business courses at Boston University.

Another of our resident Fulbright scholars, Kirsten attended a graduate diploma program at Smith College and is a real smarty: she was voted “Most Likely to Argue While Leaving America” as a high school exchange student in Texas. 😉  Needless to say, she’s very good at helping to make a point.

Together with Miriam Christof, Kirsten co-founded JustJump Marketing in 2011 and led the organization ever since.

Kirsten Furman