Miriam Christof, Co-Founder

Together with Kirsten Furman, Miriam founded JustJump Marketing in 2011.  A great glass of red wine, some good conversation and a dream – and voila – JustJump Marketing was born.  Miriam’s dedication, charm and marketing know-how ensured that JJM soon became a known entity in the greater Boston area and beyond.   

Some of her colleagues describe her as a geek, which is partly true – her love of new gadgets, apps and innovative design is undeniable! (She writes frequently about her newest findings on our blog.)

Miriam is a well-respected, sought-after speaker on marketing strategy, social media and marketing metrics and helps make this world a little bit brighter and better with her professional and community service.

Miriam returned to live in her native Germany leaving JustJump Marketing’s business in 2016 and remains a close ally, friend and champion of the organization she helped start.

Miriam Christof