Suki Volk, Account Manager

Suki brings her years of experience as a Media Manager at Arnold Communications, Account Manager at Holland Mark Martin, and Marketing Manager at the Museum of Science to the Account Team at JustJump. Her infectious positivity, focus, and understanding of the big picture helps to direct our team’s efforts for a unified vision for client success.

After receiving a BA in Communications from State University of New York at Geneseo, Suki has translated her lifetime obsession with pop culture into becoming a bonafide media savant. Not just a ringer for winning the pink piece of the pie in Trivial Pursuit, Suki’s encyclopedic knowledge of culture translates into astute vision and clear marketing insights for clients across industries.

Busy raising two boys and remaining an active member of both school and civic communities, Suki was drawn to the flexible and familial vibe of how JustJump works together to best serve our clients.

Suki volk
Account Manager