Tiina Gander, Account Manager

With over a decade of experience in digital and content marketing in the B2B world, Tiina brings solid knowledge and a fresh perspective as the newest member of the JustJump team.

Before moving to Boston, Tiina worked in Europe for 15 years with IT and software companies, specializing in creating engaging content for various channels. Her passion lies in transforming technical jargon and complex concepts into compelling stories with clear messages that resonate with any audience.

Tiina is known for her positive attitude, unflagging work ethic, and natural ability to collaborate with various teams and disciplines. She’s excited to apply her expertise and adaptive competency to help JJM client brands craft stories that captivate and inspire.

In her free time, Tiina is fueled by the outdoors, connecting with friends and family, and spending time with her pets. As a busy mom of four teens, she spends most of her non-work hours cheering at various sporting events. An avid reader, Tiina always has a book, or three, on her desk—patiently awaiting its turn to be finished.

Tiina Gander
Account Manager