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JJM Produced Client Podcasts

Podcasting: It's easier than you think.

The nice thing about recording a podcast is it doesn’t take too much time or require much preparation, but the results are a relatively easy value add of creative content.   

The key is to pick a topic that you are comfortable with, interested in, and ready to talk about. The nice thing is that podcasts are meant to be a little informal, off the cuff, and natural – alleviating the presumed need for perfection or pristine eloquence. The more yourself you are, the better it will sound. 

Once a topic is selected, share with JJM the angle/approach which you would like to address the discussion. Often, doing a podcast in conjunction with a blog post on the same topic works well. Write the blog first and then cover the salient points in a podcast afterwards. 

JJM will write/provide a working “script” for the podcast ahead of time. This will include a brief host intro of you and the topic, followed by a number of questions that we will ask to prompt you to say what you like and convey the necessary information. 

Once the “script” is agreed upon and covers the bullets you wish to hit, we will schedule a time to record. The recording only takes about twenty minutes, as we like to keep the podcasts to a relatively short 5-15 minutes total.   


  1. In person: we bring a tabletop microphone and computer to you and we record a Quicktime audio file directly to a computer that we then take back and edit – adding music, cutting unwanted bits, and streamlining the flow.
  2. Remote recording: can also be recorded by setting up a Zoom call/phone call and recording the Quicktime audio file simultaneously. 

After recording, we take the MP3 Quicktime file and edit it as discussed above. This process usually takes 1-2 days. 

After editing, we can email or cloud share the edited audio file for you and others to listen to, review, and request further changes. 

Once approval is agreed upon by all parties, we will schedule a publication date and time for the piece to go live. 

Once published, we will draw attention to the live podcast via social media channels and targeted outreach. 

Okay, now let's chat!

Did we capture your interest?  Now we really want to talk to you and find out more about your business and your marketing challenges.  We would love to find a time to have a conversation with you over some good coffee and German chocolate.