Marketing during a global pandemic is not easy.  The rules have changed – but have you?

A Time for Clarity and Purpose.

We’ve observed three distinct phases over the past year of the pandemic. The first; a knee jerk reaction to a major shutdown and a new way of doing business, the second; a great adjustment to work-from-home culture and finally an acceptance and charging forward in a new way.

For some of our clients the adjustment included a reevaluation of how to do business when in-person meetings and events were nonexistent. For others, it was how to support an audience who had to navigate quick, safe returns to work.

One common thread throughout all scenarios was a glaring need to deepen our understanding of our audiences, find out what changed, and how to fill a need or make connections in a new way. Whether it was a change in message (from selling to caring) or bringing an audience together virtually and even finding new ways of providing services, understanding our buyer personas were the core driver of action plans.

Find out how we helped some of our clients readjust during the past year by reading case studies.

Case Studies

Confronted by the challenges presented by the outbreak of COVID-19, most business owners turned their attention and focus to addressing the critical needs of employees and customers. Activity in the M&A market generally came to an abrupt halt and faced months of uncertainty, and Dunn Rush needed a new way of keeping their business relevant and top of mind.

Case Study

The Amazing Insights of Your Network

Case Study

How A Pandemic Opens New Channels

A.I.M. Mutual needed an additional way of connecting with Brokers that could go beyond sales phone calls and meetings. When the pandemic hit, connecting became even more important in order to continue building Broker relations as in-person meetings were happening less frequently or virtually.


Many organizations have taken to offering some of their helpful tips and tricks via podcasts during these days.  Podcasts allow you to be in your audience’s ear even during times when you cannot be physically close to them.  And the good news?  They are relatively quick to produce and offer a new angle to your business that can be carried over back into “normal times”.   

Blog Posts

We collected some helpful reading for you.  With some many different challenges hitting us from every angle these days, we figured that having some guidance for your marketing communication and activities could be of some use to you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.  Hugo is on call 24/7. 

Best Practices

Communication Tips During the Pandemic

Best Practices Content Marketing

What’s the Connection Between the FBI and Social Media?

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