Every company has a story to tell; we can help you uncover and write yours.

We bring your marketing strategy in alignment with your business goals and carry your brand experience through every step of your customer interactions. Our strategic planning process identifies solutions and strategies that will help you attract and retain customers and increase your revenue stream.

We are curious, creative and strategic thinkers with a lot of questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What drives your organization?
  • What is the problem you can solve for your customer?
  • And why should they choose you?

The Process to Make it Happen

Starting from where you are, we interview you and your team to find out all we can about your company, your goals, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

We will have discussions about your core competence, your general audience, your value proposition during this phase.

If desired, we will develop and conduct client survey interviews to help guide our findings. 

We will review up to four major competitors of yours and develop their marketed value proposition.  

We will systematically compare your competitors’ value proposition with your value proposition to develop your competitive advantage as used for marketing purposes. 

We will build up to five buyer personas that will help bring your target audience to life.  

We will develop Experience Journeys for your buyer personas to show the step by step thinking and decision processes your buyer personas follow as they engage with your marketing messages. 

We will prioritize your value chain as it relates to each of your buyer personas’ decision process.  We then compare our findings across all personas and gain a detailed understanding of how to organize your marketing messages on your platforms. 

We use our findings to develop a marketing plan framework that is ready to be populated with your editorial calendar.

We discuss and can help you set up your lead qualification process to aid with a seamless handover of your incoming lead flow to your sales department.  

We believe in the power of strategic planning.  If a marketing strategy is not aligned with business goals, even the best team and tools will never deliver the results you seek.  Work with us on the missing piece:  Your Story!

We can also help you with: